plastic heart messages

my pretty puppet
just turn your sweet head
and give us a smile now
it can’t be that bad

I’ve decided you like this
you like it for me
yes, crawl for me puppet
and show me your need

I’ll feed you indifference
and inside you’ll fade
with each bitter morsel
the darkness ingrains

a heart made for giving
in service you soar
but taken for granted
gift giving turns chore

plastic heart messages
all written in chalk
erase vibrant colors
and silence will fall



of dust

where once there was hope
vibrant and ephemeral
now stands the hollow shell
of a girl exhisting unseen

withered blossoms
in a landscape of dust
bled out their essence
in fruitless desire
to nourish brittle bones
encasing a tarnished heart
long ago turned to stone

as if her wings could fan life
and love’s bright flame
from the scattered ashes
of destruction and pain

his cherished reminders
of another time
another face
another girl
who breathed passion
wept promise
and fled